Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Reinforced Little Fighter 2

(RLF2) for short.

This is a remake of the classic Little Fighter 2 game made by Marty Wong and Starsky Wong in 1999.
It's the sequel to the older version 'Little Fighter' . Link: www.lf2.net . Be sure to try out the original version first before trying the Remake.

I have included a .rar file uploaded for you to download. Don't worry, it's virus free. There is also a copy of 'Hell Moves' ( Additional Special moves as compared to the original version ) executable text file. It even includes names of the moves :D


Extract the folder from the .rar file to your desktop or somewhere you are comfortable with.
Execute the RLF2.exe file and you are ready to play. (You'll need to wait after clicking start game as they are loading all of the characters' data. Also do remember to set your controls )
Have Fun~

No Copyright intended.
All rights reserved to the creator of 'Little Fighter' and all its sequels and to the creator of the Remake.

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